About us

Integrated Care Group specialise in providing qualified, quality staff who are passionate about their jobs. This is due to our strong belief that patient care is of the utmost importance. Our healthcare professions we believe are the heart of the service and for this reason we are committed to ensure they are proud and feel fully supported by their team at Integrated Care Group.
Our main focus is to provide a quality service to both our clients and candidates that makes us different from the rest.

Our ethos is; honesty, trust, transparency, respect, delivery and ensure satisfaction.

Our mission: “ To provide a high standard of quality care to the people by supporting our healthcare professionals”.

Our vision: “To be the provider who delivers a service to both our healthcare professionals and clients to the highest possible standard”.

Integrated care group healthcare professionals are our ambassadors and success. We recruit the best professionals who believe in our vision and values. They are "the heart of healthcare".

If you have any questions about Integrated Care Group, or would like to know more, please contact us.