Does the NHS 111 service add value?

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Does the NHS 111 service add value?

Is there enough exposure and educating of the public to understand the purpose and need for the 111 service?

NHS England states the 111 service is meeting increasing demand.

BMA GP NHS 111 lead Charlotte Jones says, anecdotally, “GPs have reported patients being referred with colds, sore thumbs and other conditions that could have been treated safely by sensible advice over the phone.”

Promoting the concept and position of the service will help people understand how the service will add value and demonstrate its worth , contributing to it being a complete success.

Being a follower of the service and understanding the concept fully, we believe it will deliver exactly what is needed in an over stretched NHS as long, as it is constantly promoted, and people are educated to follow the pathway.

If it isn’t life threatening, less urgent call 111.

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