A & E Crisis

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This is one of the worst winter the NHS has ever experienced, hospitals all over the UK are still struggling with the backlash from it. Reports say people are ‘dying prematurely’ in corridors as they are forced to wait for beds. According to a letter from A&E chiefs to the Prime minister, 120 patients a day were being treated in corridors due to a lack of space on wards. Yet the government claimed the NHS is better prepared than ever before this winter.


Other issues raised by the A&E Chief include patients waiting up to 12 hours after doctors had decided to admit them, with queues of 50 patients waiting in one emergency department. During this time, Paramedics are having to wait with patients keeping them off the road for upwards of 3 hours. When asked about this, the Department of Health and Social Care said it was grateful for the hard work of staff, and insisted numbers of senior A&E doctors had increased since 2010. Discussion continue on how they plan to correct this issue. What are your thoughts?

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