Saudi Arabia

The Emirates and other nearby Gulf countries offer similar salaries, but the cost of living is high. If anyone’s been on a crazy night out in Dubai, you’ll know how easy it is to blow two hundred dollars in one night. Although you can spend lots of money in Saudi Arabia, it will not be on alcohol as this is illegal. You’ll probably be spending it just for the sake of buying it. This is not because it's a boring place, but the landscape looks just as bland as the entertainment you’ll find there.

The main reason you would work in Saudi Arabia is for the culture, experience and money. Not being specific but salaries in Saudi Arabia are much higher than you might expect. Last and definitely not least, you’ll make some awesome friends. Due to the laws, many people opt for group activities and form close friendships that simply could not be formed elsewhere. You’ll also make business contacts that are invaluable.

You can also immerse yourself in a culture that is untouched by tourism, a culture pure in its simplicity, yet complex in its history.

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